Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nursery tour.

Since the room is mostly done, I thought I would give a little tour. 
We went with a travel theme but didn't want to go too overboard so just a little adventure here and there.
Here is the changing table/dresser. I made the cover for the changing pad and the banner.
That white trash can on the right is called the Diaper Genie and was recommended by a new mom.

Had to add the lamp for midnight changes.
I found the base at a thrift store for $2.00. I already had the shade. And Neil spray painted the base.

 Here is a close up of that lamp. We added direction arrows so some of our favorite places :)
  This is the large wall you see when you walk in.

The details.
 The window seat is not exactly what I wanted but its functional.
I used a twin mattress topper for the cushion. That is the fabric that will cover it but I have not sewn it shut yet, hence the wrinkles.
 I made the curtains and the art. 
The US map is a chalkboard.

Still need to hang the mobile up but I wanted to get a picture of the rug.
 A suitcase for storage.

 There is one last wall where the closet is that is not done yet. 
Just some decorations so we are in no rush. I'm dealing with a little bit of a cold so maybe that will get done next weekend. Regardless, Baby has a place to sleep and nurse so we are as prepared as we can be.

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