Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love at first sight.

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. First, let me say how thankful and blessed I am that Neil has been able to make it to every appointment! He brings so much excitement and enthusiasm to the room. We also have hilarious medical conversations there!!

I had been anticipating this appointment because I knew we would get to see our baby for the first time! For the sake of keeping it real, I have to say, I worried that I was not feeding baby well enough. On top of that, I have not felt movement yet so I was getting worried. (The wonderful daddy even looked up devices that you could buy online to hear the heartbeat at home just so I could have some piece of mind.) Maybe its just first-time-mom syndrome. I am so grateful to say that everything looked healthy!

Baby weights about 10 oz. and is 19.4 cm long! That's right on track.
Ultrasounds are amazing! They even showed us 4D pictures..that was crazy!
We could see the long bones of the arms and legs, the spine, and the feet!

We also had the chance to find out if its a boy or a girl. We are happy to announce...







We decided not find out. We decided this months ago but as we were driving over there, Neil said that he wanted to find out. He almost convinced me....
He wants a boy and I think its a girl. We will have to wait and see.

It took awhile to get baby into a good position, but here is Baby Bear's first photo!

Look at that little nose....

We are in love already.


  1. Another new life to love!! So exciting!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your news with us! We are praying for you every day.