Friday, September 6, 2013


1. Listening - to stress management Cd (soothing music)
2. Eating - lots of chips and salsa. My current favorite is from Rancho Grande.
3. Wearing - glittery ballet flats
4. Feeling - anxious about Meg's shower. Lucky about having my dream job at 27!
5. Drinking - LOTS of water.
6. Reading - Same Kind of Different as me (I assigned it for a class...), Wicked.
7. Wanting - a small sofa or love seat for my office
8. Needing - to workout my arms, finish etsy orders, get my bridesmaid dress hemmed
9. Thinking - about bridal shower, September 10th
10. Enjoying - a flexible schedule; lunch dates with my bff,

Sometimes life gets too busy to catalog everything but this is an easy way to catalog life quickly! My plan is to take this inventory once a month. I'm headed to San Antonio to host my baby sister's bridal shower!!! Pictures to come soon!

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  1. Yes, I want to see the pics. You do such a good job with them!