Sunday, August 11, 2013

Home is where....

...your puppies are
your books are
your fridge is
your car is
your job is
your friends are
your parents are just a drive away
your crafts are
your bed is
your shower is
your shampoo is
your husband is!

The transitions back to "real life" has been a slow one. We jump started with a car issue as soon as we got back. We had to drive in the Texas heat without AC 2 hours to San Antonio and then 3 hours to Waco. Once we got that settled, I got started doing laundry, dishes, unpacking, grocery shopping and moving into my new office! It feels like we are finally back on track and can stay on a schedule so hopefully there will be more posts coming your way. Lots of DIY office d├ęcor will be posted soon!

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