Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Master Makeover.

Our “roommate” moved back in and that means we are back in the downstairs bedroom. Which I have decided I like better, anyways. I took this chance to spruce it up a little. For $100 I redecorated the room. 

We used the same comforter, bed and paint. The only thing different was that I used these teal pillows to add a little color. We already had them and were being unused in the library so it was free.
 The photos are of a few landmarks in Waco. I took them via Instagram and had them printed at OfficeMax. The black frames are album frames from Michael's and were 3 for $9.99. I added them to painted 2X2 plywood squares.  I already had 2 of them so I bought one for $5.99 from Home Depot.
  The lamp was the biggest splurge but I love it! I got it at Marshall’s for $50.00.
Put it all together and bam!
 Call it Spring Cleaning but It makes me happy! I love change and a little color never hurt anyone, right?

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