Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're going to.....

As stated as 2013 resolution #1, we wanted to take a big trip this year. After considering the whole world...literally, we finally made a decision. We are going to...

We plan to spend time in Bangkok and visit the beaches of Phuket also.
Why Thailand, we have been asked. Just a few reasons...
1. There is a mix of relaxation(Neil) and adventure(Margo).
2. Hotel and food are generally inexpensive.
3. The food!
4. Exposure to a completely new culture.
5. We have friends who have been multiple times who can help us with recommendations.

Needless to say, this will be an adventure! We always planned on an international trip before we had kids but I'm not sure we had anything this grand in mind. I am extra proud to be able to take this trip. While we did have some wonderful help with a ticket discount, a 10 day trip half way around to world is not cheap. We also want to be able to experience some adventure so spending money is a must. We are on teacher's salaries, basically, but this trip is being funded by my etsy store profits and for that I am sooo grateful!

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  1. What a wonderful trip this will be for both of you. We will look forward to many pictures.