Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Date and Beautiful Weather.

Last month, the Mr. planned a date at the Dallas Museum of Art. This month was my turn. I wanted to do something that we had not done before and not too expensive. It just happened that the weather was so beautiful (sunny and 70) that it had to be done outside! So, we visited a golf course. My first thought was to play a short round but then reconsidered (: We didn't want to offend others around us. LOL
 Anyways, we decided to hit a few buckets at the driving range. The golf course we went to reminded me of a duck dynasty-esque place but that meant there were not a lot of people and it was not intimidating. Anyways, it was pretty fun. I watched Neil hit a few and then it was my turn. I hit the perfect 100 yard-down-the-middle drive! Neil thought I bamboozled him into thinking I had never hit was a fluke. None of the rest were that good!

 I would do it again. Maybe work our way onto the course. 
For $15, it was a decent date and the weather was perfect. 

Afterward, we decided to go shoot some hoops at the school gym in our area. We've heard that you can get in on the weekends and sure enough, we found an open door. After about 15 minutes of one on one, we figured out how old we really are (: We were hurting! We spend a good hour there until we heard people driving up. We snuck back out and got to our car only to find a sheriff's car parked out front. But, I think he was sleeping...

So glad we were able to take advantage of beautiful weather. This is the sunset a few nights earlier.

I even did some reading on the porch swing AND our neighbors gave us fresh eggs from their coop!
Great weekend all around.
Hope your weekend was just as beautiful.

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  1. If it was 70 degrees why did Neil have a sweatshirt on? We Iowans wear shorts when it is 70!!!