Sunday, October 14, 2012

What I have learned about the USPS.

I visit the post office at least 5 times a week dropping of etsy orders. I often feel like I am single handedly keeping the post office open. The clerks know me well, and often save boxes for me :)
Here are a few things that I have learned about the USPS:

1. If you do not write your return address, it will take a day or two longer to get to its destination. Apparently, they have to pass it through an XRAY type machine to make sure there is nothing dangerous.

2. Parcel Post is cheapest. BUT, if your package were to get sent back to you for ANY reason, you would have to pay the full cost of shipping again to get it back.

3. Their PRIORITY boxes are FREEE!!! You can even order as many as you want online and they will be delivered to you! careful how you order.
 I thought I was ordering 20 individual boxes and ended up with 20 boxes (each box has 25)!! They barely fit in my car. Anyone need boxes?

4. If you are one who grumbles at the cost of shipping (like I often do), consider this: to get a letter from Texas to Minnesota, it gets sorted 4 times, takes a ride on a truck, plane, and mail truck. An average of 20 employees will handle your letter and it will get there in 5-7 business days...all for $0.45.

Just thought I would share a few thoughts...happy mailing! 

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