Sunday, October 28, 2012

A strangers tour.

If a stranger were to walk in to my home (without me running around franticly cleaning), I wonder what they would think. It would seem that I had a serious obsession with mustaches, Besides cups, napkins, and plates spread around the house, He might notice the stickers on the trash can, a closet door, on the seat of my pants, and in my puppy’s mouth!
He would also have to tread carefully to avoid getting stuck to our half finished floor. Of course he could ignore, there is a faint smell of paint (I don’t know where its coming from), and the sound of a running toilet and an lopsided fridge. Our “guest” bathroom looks like a boy’s bathroom…cause it is. And because I have not been in there for literally, 3 weeks, my out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality has fully kicked in. Our puppy (I wont name names) is overweight and was put on “weight control” food and it worked well until he realized that he could steal food from his brother therefore, reducing the “weight control” effect. The half sewn curtains in the kitchen are shedding and being dragged to every room in the house.
The “hardy” plants that are un-killable have been killed by my superhuman power to forget they exist. Laundry continues to pile up as I sit at work looking around me to find the source of “that smell” only to realize it is my shirt. Apparently, that
superhuman power extends to the laundry – I let them sit in the dryer too long. What is too long anyways? One day, two days? Ya, it was probably a week.
On his was out he would have to squeeze through the door because of the volcano of hats, scarves, bags, etc piling on the hooks behind it. He might certainly giggle at our mismatched post that has recently been replaced on the back porch and wonder why there is a random rainbow rug in center. Fear not stranger, you are almost out. Just get in your car and make your way hastily down our pebbled road with no pebbles and marvel at our confused trees (some are in fall and some are in spring). Don’t stop too close to the gate. You can’t open it but I can but by now I am in the house totally embarrassed and forgotten to let you out so you will have to drive back or honk to get my attention. But whatever you do, DO NOT try to open the gate yourself…Neil takes it personally. 
This is what life looks like today. Lots of little stuff gone wrong but a great BIG blessing, nonetheless.

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  1. Sounds like you are holding down two full time jobs, Margo. Hope you are just taking a day at a time.