Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Tricks for Old Dogs.

Our puppies must have been showing off this weekend for our special guest - Dad Shanks!
We had a great weekend visiting and although it seems like we put him to work every time he comes down, I have come to realize that it must be a dad thing. He fixed the tractor, trimmer, car horn, and helped set up the pool!! We really do appreciate it!
We did get to go to a Baseball game, dinner and visit the Heisman Trophy also.

He got to spend hours with the puppies and when we got home, they had learned a new trick

 They now pose on our tree stump seats! 
It may not sound like much but the seats have been there literally for two years and they have never done that, so thanks Dad! 

It was great to have you time, less work, more play!


  1. This is one of the legacys Grandpa Bill Shanks left Brice--hard work. He is always helping someone else. Every year he works hard up here at the lake too. I know he enjoys helping when he visits you.

  2. Next time, I'm coming. I've missed too many of these trips :( Of course, when I come it will be all play!