Thursday, May 10, 2012

Organization Station.

I love organization, although I am not always good at it. This weekend I had a lot of free time. Most of it was spent cleaning, organizing and working on the bathroom project (stay tuned).

It seems that I have jewelry everywere - coffee table, night stand, gym bag, jewelry box, restroom, kitchen sink, etc. I do have a great standing jewelry box but for the items I wear on a consistent basis, it is more convenient to grab and go. Here is the newest contraption that rests atop my dresser.

This "system" is broken down with ring in the first cup, earrings in the second, and bracelets in the third. 
It is easy to toss them in and pull them out without any time lost.

I also added this cork board to the inside of one of the cabinets. Spare keys, recipes, notes, and/or reminders can be placed out of sight and in reach!

 Then, I tackled the infamous "junk drawer. i bought small bins from the dollar section in Target and got to work. And no, those are not filled with candy, our pens are in one and markers in the other.

I guess it can be called Spring Cleaning but it seems like it needs to be done more often. We'll see how long it lasts :/

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