Sunday, October 23, 2011

Speical Guest

This weekend we had a special guest with us all the way from IOWA!
Dad Shanks came for a weekend visit. 
It was perfect weather for high school football, the mammoth museum, garage sales, and hanging out.

We visited the Mammoth Museum that houses a real excavation site.

We made a random stop at a garage sale and scored these rollerblades for $5.00! Yeah!

Then, we made a stop in West, TX. To the best of our understanding, Gramma Shanks had relatives that once owned land in West. It is famous for its Czech culture. We ate at a recommended pizza house.

 And we tried our very first SKUNK EGG!(& zombie pizza-that was really good)
Also, he got to meet our roommate, Marquie! My cousin.
Isn't she lovely

It was a great weekend and of course it went by way too fast. But we had a great time and we even scheduled a trip out to Ohio to visit his family! I'm excited about that. 
Thanks for paying us a visit, dad! Can't wait to see you again!

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