Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Wreath

Sticking with the fall theme, I decided to have a craft night with my cousin.

I found this cute tulle wreath is totally different than the wreaths I am used to. And the colors are perfect for fall.

I decided I would try my hand at it. So off to the fabric store I went. I ended up with a yard of various tulle colors. My cousin and I cut up all the fabric into strips. And got a lovely pile of tulle.

While shopping, I found out that foam wreaths are a little pricey. Some were up to $9.99 each! But, once again, Pinterest came to the Creativity rescue. I saw this idea on Pinterest and made a quick trip to the HD and got me a one.

The article said that you could get lots of foam tube for cheap. In the plumbing department, I found 6 feet of foam is only $0.97! We were able to make two wreaths!
After tying what felt like 1000 ribbons of tulle, we ended up with two really cute fall wreaths!

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