Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deal of the Day...or year!

Months ago when deciding what colors to do the bathroom upstairs, I knew that I wanted black and white floors. So everything kinda revovled around that.

So, I bought this one square foot of tile and it has been lying around the house for six months.

So, now that I gave myself a kick in the rear to get it done, I had to go buy more tile.
Well, something funny happened. When I went to go buy it, I realized it was $4.05 per sq.ft. There is no way I would have thought that was a good deal! No way! So I hunted a little more. I first went to lowes. They didn't have anything cheaper in black and white but they had this cute, vintage octagon tile for only $2.57 (not on sale).

But as you can see, its all white. I bought one thinking that I could buy little black squares and replace them. But, there were no little squares there. So I headed to HomeDepot.

When I got there, I found the same tile I had just bought but with BLACK & WHITE!

It was the same price too! I told this to the guy helping me and he said that they don't price match - they beat their competitors by 10%. Well, I had my receipt (in hand...cause I am crazy like that) and showed it to the cashier and he gave me my 10% off!

The best part is...I had a $30 gift card!

So, in conclusion, I got 20 square feet of awesome black and white tile for a total of $23!!!

take home lesson: always ask about price matching! I wonder how many times I've missed out!

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  1. This tile looks perfect. I think you got a great looking tile for less $ can't beat that.