Monday, January 3, 2011


Every year, I do make New Year's Resolutions. They either fall apart quickly or become habit quickly, therefore not making them a year long activity. This year I hope to keep myself accountable all year. Three resolutions this year:

1) Cutting down on spending.
Yes, this is a financial resolution that thousands of people make every year...but...its real for me. Let me first say that we have never lacked any necessities and we don't spend very much but we are excited to see what we can save in a year. We have developed a sort of "game" for financial accountability. We have posted a paper on the fridge with headings" home/shopping, groceries, and restaurants. There is a pen attached and we are to write purchases AND initial our spending. (and if you think we might forget, every purchase is tracked online so we can always pull it up). The person who spends the least each month, wins. The prize might be that they are exempt from laundry the next month, or something of that nature. It has gotten intense already and it has just begun. Yes, this will be more difficult for me but its worth a try.

2. Complete a full 90 days of p90X
I am finally at a point in my life when I can commit to a rigorous plan - no school, extra curriculars, or injuries. I have started the program and it lasted 30 days until my internship and full time job started at the same time. But boy did I feel good during those 30 days.

3. Learn to play guitar.
My awesome Christmas gift will be a gift that keeps on giving. I plan to teach myself (with direction from neil). I have wanted to learn guitar in the last few years but have been too busy. I am happy to say that I have already gotten a few hours of practice!

Sounds like this year will be a new kind of fun!

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  1. Yes, it does sound like fun! When is Neil going to post his New Year's resolutions? Gr. B.