Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dream Come True

In a past blog post I described my dream kitchen. Well take a look, it seems that dreams do come true.

Dream Kitchen:
My Kitchen:

It is so big and beautiful! I don't want to get it dirty! I got lucky and found the sink at IKEA..... for 50% off. We were not sure if it would fit but we took a chance and although, it was difficult, it fits! Dad Shanks helped Neil for hours! On his vacation! Thanks for that!

This is a close up of the cute faucet. This was also from IKEA. I was unaware of the single mindedness of IKEA products. They are created to fit with eachother and no one else. Since nothing else in the kitchen is from IKEA, it took some retrofitting. To make things easier, we decided to go with an IKEA faucet.

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  1. What can be more fun than getting something new in your kitchen where you spend so much of your time? I saw pictures of the work in progress, and I will have to say a good job of "clean up" was done between the pictures. Enjoy your new sink ! Gr. B.