Thursday, August 5, 2010


was a great day!
I worked super hard from 9:00am - 8:00pm.
There were so many successes within the rough day.

9:00 am- I made 10 phone calls soliciting our community garden.....but I landed a spot at a RETIREMENT HOME!!! how cute is that? i am much more excited about it now.

1:00 - I ate way too much at the 2 parties during work hours, but...... i got free ice cream.

5:00 - I had to lead a work wellness walk in the 100 degree weather, but.... I pushed a participant to walk 2 miles that he had NEVER walked before!

6:00 - I had to host ZUMBA class but..... got to celebrate with a participant who lost her first 10 pounds since starting our program!

7:00 - I had to work late but....I met 15 abused women who were so excited to learn about nutrition and kept me an extra 30 minutes asking questions :)

Sometimes its worth it to go the extra mile. Life is much better when we look for the positives, huh?

p.s Neil has poision ivy or oak again :(


  1. What a rewarding day, Margo. It sounds like you are just doing a great job and also enjoying what you are doing. I know they picked the right person for this job. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your day. We always love hearing from you. Grandma B.

  2. Margo, What a great thing that you (and Neil) have a job that directly impacts the lives of others. Sounds very rewarding!