Sunday, August 22, 2010

The power of words

We use words everyday but sometimes we take them for granted. They are so powerful. A simple hello could change a life. A "sorry" could turn a relationship around. Of course, there are hurtful words but sometimes words don't have to be said to have an impact.

As Pastor finished up his sermon today the lights began to dim and he introduced a segment called 'Cardboard Testimonies'. Church members were able to witness how God transformed situations and lives for His glory in countless ways. From cancer to imprisionment-- from the death of a spouse to the addiction of pornography, God never let go and never gave up on those who called upon His Name.

The effectiveness of the simplicity was amazing. Families stood up there and expressed individually how thier father's death impacted them without saying a word. Tears were shed among the congregation.

It was a Very pleasant suprise and so effective that I had to share. I attached a youtube version of one from another congregation.

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  1. Margo, Thanks for sharing this. I have seen it before, but cried upon seeing it again. God is so good to take each of us where we are and make us new creations and he isn't finished with us yet. I praise God for your church, your witness, and how he transforms even the hearts of nice, loving people so they can see heaven and spend eternity with Him. Praying God's blessings for you.