Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes Hallelujah works too!

Learning how to reach out in distress makes the Hallelujah moments much more exciting. I have one more semester left of school and I am finishing up my internship. I have so many doors open right now that the options are beginning to flood my mind.

Well, I got word on Friday....I got my first REAL job.


I got hired on at the Health District that I am doing my internship with. My official position is Health Education Coordinator. Most of my time will be spent planning and implementing wellness programs all over the city. That is exciting to me!! I love the freedom to create in this way and the freedom to target whatever audiences, diseases, or themes that I want.

Neil was so great in being supportive and super excited when we heard the news. That, I am grateful for too. I will still have to take three more classes but even that worked out. I was able to schedule one at night and two during lunch. Its a new chapter so I am sure that you will hear about the programs I help put together.

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