Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holy Cow!

Yup, we got cows again!
For some reason we always think that we can just go up to them and pet them but they are always so skittish. It started Friday afternoon. We saw two cows so we went out there and they ran away. A little bit later, we saw three cows....then later four....then five! We never know exactly what to do with them. We don't know who they belong to. I mentioned to Neil that we should call the police. He kinda giggled at me. Then guess who shows up at our door? The police. I directed him to our neighbor who knows where they come from. The cows stayed for awhile and wondered the street.

We kept hearing horn honking. Because they were hanging out RIGHT in front of our gate, we got another visit from a firefighter asking if they were ours. Ya, we let our cows roam the streets :) I don't know whatever happened to them but hopefully they got home safely. Until next time, we have some cow patties to tend to.

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  1. Thanks for all of the pictures. You two are turning into a couple farmers !! You would have never had all of this excitement in the city !! Grandma B.