Saturday, July 31, 2010

One weekend at a time

This weekend is not over yet but already I feel super productive. We decided to do some work in the backyard. Over the summer, Neil worked hard on starting the landscaping around the house so that we can start planting in October.

He put this 3 foot border around the ENTIRE house! It looks so good and I know he worked hard on it. I can't wait to fill it with pretty things :)

We got some free landscaping slate from my uncle so we immediately put it to use. We started on a path out to nowhere. I later found out that it would lead to a nice picinic area to be surrounded by crape myrtles... cute. Neil designed the layout of our backyard and I had to trust his vision...This is phase one.

Rexx likes it.

We worked on it together on Saturday and finished moving the picnic table in a couple of hours. Soon we will have a Y in the path leading to a built in fire pit for smores etc. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. You two have really put a lot of work into your place. Everything looks so nice. Hope it is cool enough so you can enjoy some picnics at your table. Love, Grandma B.