Wednesday, April 1, 2015

11 months.

11 months!
Wow! I can hardly believe it. 
She spent too many days in month 10 sick. We dealt with pink eye, cough, colds,  and teething. 
I hope this months is much healthier!

I think this is a "real" picture. This is how we see her most days :)
We had some questions about thumbsucking vs. pacifier and chose to use a pacifier. She took it for awhile until she found her thumb then refused the paci. We truly think this is why she started sleeping through the night so early (around 4 months)
So far, she only does it when she is sleepy and it always comes with a tugging of the ear. 
Its cute and endearing to us now.
(we'll deal with breaking the habit later :))

I forgot to add: I can blow kisses (known as besos)

Next month is a big ONE!
I'm holding her a little tighter and a little longer these days.

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