Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Treat your self.

In this season of life, when exhaustion and sleep deprivation kick in, sometimes you just have to treat your self, right?

In a non-guilty kind of way. 

5 Ways I treat myself:

1. PASTRIES. I am not a coffee drinker but I received about $60 in Starbucks gifts cards so we are now best friends. After dropping of my little pumpkin at Mothers day Out, I sometimes allow myself to mosey along to Starbucks while listening to not-baby-approved talk radio! My favorites are these cake balls but the blueberry scones are not bad either! It helps that they are adorable looking, too!

2. SPICE . When I go to shopping alone (happens once in a blue moon), I get dressed real cute and wear comfortable shoes. And then I stroll down all the aisles slowly. I smell all the candles. I touch all the pillows. I examine all the home decor. I really don’t think you have experienced self-care until you you have spent one hour, uninterrupted, at SPICE with comfy shoes and a pastry. Seriously, TRY IT. Even if you go home with nothing.

3. CRAFTING. This has always been a stress relieving activity for me. There is something about the creative process that allows for an excuse to ignore the dishes. Creating something from nothing. Its like making a baby!

4. PODCASTING. I know a lot of self care has to do with exercising. I have no desire to do it. Once, not long ago, (8 months ago) I yearned for muscles soreness and sweaty pits. Nope. Haven't gotten there yet. The only weight I worry about now is Reynas. And its making sure she weighs enough. I am a health educator, so lo and behold, I gotta do it. Podcasts are my dangling carrot. Also, I put Reyna in the stroller and she is satisfied. To get there though, I gotta listen to a podcast. I jumped on the Serial bandwagon and it works. I'm gonna have to find something else when I'm done.It doesnt hurt that its 80 degrees today!

5. FLOWERS. A few months ago, I bought flowers for me from Neil. Later that week the sermon in church was about that! There is no shame in letting people know what you want from them, then doing it for them, and letting them take all the credit! I get my flowers. He gets a smile and a hug every time I see them. Also, our dinner guests brought over a beautiful bouquet that I have cared for more tenderly than any plant since 2006. (in 2006 when we were dating, Neil had FLOWER FRIDAYS. Every Friday he brought me flowers) They bring me joy.

These things keep my joy and cost almost nothing!
What do you do? Any Podcast suggestions?

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