Monday, January 26, 2015

This week.

This week has been unique in so many normal ways.
I have felt a sense of peace and joy wash over me.
We have spent so much time as a family that its starting to feel like real life.
Up until now, I have really just felt like I am barely keeping my head above water.
Trying to keep baby alive. 
Getting through one class at a time. 
Staying hydrated so milk production doesn't slow down. 
Yadda yadda yadda.

This week? was fun!

Reyna is at a really fun age and has a great demeanor.

on Monday we had off for MLK we went for a walk in the park while listening to a podcast.
We had a shopping date so Neil could work on this little thing they call a PhD ;) That evening after bed, we watched Boyhood while eating Off the Cob popcorn (thanks Janel!)
 Her favorite aisle is the mirror aisle where she makes silly faces at herself!
 How darling is this picture?

on Tuesday, Neil headed back to Austin but Reyna and I spent time together after school at the park. She loved the swing!
 (also she hates socks right now)

on Wednesday, our after school activity was watching men's tennis at the new indoor facility. 
She can't really follow the all but she claps when everyone else does ;)

On Friday, Reyna and Neil met me for lunch and we had dinner guests. They have two little boys who were so playful with her.

On Saturday, we went shopping at all my favorite places. 

And met Mr. Chip Gaines.

Later that night, we took her to her first basketball game.

 This are the things his dreams are made of.

On Sunday, we had a great sermon about Work.
We went for a walk and watched outdoor tennis. The weather was a little windy but sunny and warm.

Everywhere we go she just smiles and waves at people.

Prayers needed for this week:
She has her 9 month appointment and Neil is going solo.
I have my 2 year review with a presentation in front of all faculty in our department.
I host an initiation ceremony for a student organization that I am the faculty advisor.

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