Friday, June 13, 2014

The (almost) forgotten anniversary.

Today we celebrate 5 years of marriage!
We woke up and it took us a couple of hours to remember it.
We talked about it earlier in the week but it kinda snuck up on us.
In years past, we spent our anniversary on vacation. 
Mexico in year one, Colorado in year two, Minnesota in year three, and Thailand in year four.
This year is a little bit different. We are in our town, our home, our couch....and it feels great!
Our family, and our marriage has just changed drastically.
As we get used to our new roles, it is so nice to have a partner that is so PRESENT!
Literally and figuratively. We always joked that we spent more time together than anyone we know but that is more true now. 
More than that, he is always worked hard and made me a priority. 
We have fun and he is still my very best friend!

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