Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts.

I know its a little late ....
Every year I try to make Christmas gifts. I have been doing this since I was in high school and it started with my cousins. I have lots of them (about 20), mostly girls, so while I could not afford gifts for everyone, I knew they might like a little hand made gift.

In the past, I have done, monogram canvases, quilts (never again!), rings, coasters, and chalkboard frames.

Now I have new family and thought I'd do the same. There are far less people to make for, too!

This year, I was trying to get my hand on this magical fabric - chalkboard FABRIC! Chalkboard is very trendy right now but I had to see if this fabric was A) real and B) worked like it should. I bought a yard on Amazon and sure enough, it worked like a gem.

I just cut the pattern out by hand and used baby clothes pins to hang them from twine. You could also use the pins to hang on colorful ribbon. This way, you can add or take off any pendants. I used 14 for each. This way, you can spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

For our parents, I thought I would commemorate our pregnancy announcement with a handmade ornament. I used felt to create small fortune cookie ornaments. I even included the fortune from leftover cookies. I made one for myself too :)

Thinking of ideas for next year....

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