Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They Do.

We got to spend Memorial Day weekend celebrating with Matt and Megan on their wedding day.

 It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Pinterest worthy even! I may ask if I can post these pictures.
 Table numbers were wrapped around wine bottles with pictures of each of them at that age.

 Customized caricatures of them for the topper.
 Even the food was awesome. There were crawfish and shrimp tamales! and, an AVOCADO BAR!!!
Avocados cut in half with sea salt and all the toppings. Pineapple salsa, ceviche, bacon bits, sour crean, cilantro sauce, and corn relish! We had too many and that was just appitizers!

We were also glad to see them the day after for dinner in Waco! They are Officers in the Navy and we rarely get to see them but we can't wait for the next time. Seeing Neil with Matt (and his brothers) is so hilarious. Hopefully we can meet with them this summer while in D.C.

Congrats Matt and Megan!

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  1. I remember meeting Matt. Thanks for sharing his wedding pictures.