Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healthy Meals on a Budget.

Health is my business but I'm not as interested in gyms and diet plans as I am in reducing health disparities. With enough time and money, I think anyone can live a healthy life. At that point, it becomes a matter of will power.

Where living healthy gets hard is when money and time are tight. Living paycheck to paycheck. working multiple jobs. That kind of tough. In my current job, I mostly advise people how to eat healthy while they are sitting in the waiting room at the food bank, in the WIC office, and GED classes. This population requires completely different advise. Every now and again, I challenge myself to "test" my advise.

One of these ways is my $30 per week challenge. This requires me to feed 2 adults breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 7 days. I also has to include healthier alternative foods, fresh fruit, and vegetables. There will be some "snack foods" that may not be healthy but are better than cookies and cakes. I also allow myself to utilize coupons ONLY if they are something that I was going to get anyways.

Here is this weeks shopping list;
- Orange Juice (free with coupon)
- Frozen broccoli and cheese packet - $2.50
- fat free turkey lunch meat (free with coupon)
- Bagged Salad (free with coupon)
- Fat Free Yogurt (free with coupon)
- 4 Bananas ($0.33 ea)
- 3 Apples ($1.00
- 4 Oranges ($2.00)
- Granola bars (2.50)
- Canned 95% fat free chicken ($2.00)
- Whole Wheat Bread ($1.50)
- 1 frozen pizza (not healthy) - ($3.33)
- Garlic Bread (1.60)

- 2 baked potatoes ($1.50)
- sherbert (free with coupon)
- milk ($2.57)

- cereal ($2.75)
- Tortillini ($4.00)
- 4 avocado (4/$1.00!!)
- 6 eggs ($1.00)
- bag of prezels ($1.00)

Breakfast Options:
Yogurt and banana
Cereal with milk

Snack Options:
Granola Bar
Apples with Peanut Butter
dry cereal

Lunch Options:
Turkey Sandwiches
boiled eggs
tuna sandwiches

Tortellini w/ salad
Pizza w/ pasta salad w/ garlic bread
Broccoli and cheese baked potatoes
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwiches w/ prezels w/ sherbert
Lasagna w/ spinach salad w/ garlic bread

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  1. This all looks great, Margo !!! What a challenge.