Friday, April 26, 2013


Timing is everything, right?

I mentioned timing in an earlier post because it has been on my mind.
To have faith is to trust in God's timing. 
Our lives right now are a testament to this truth and I want to share it. 
In prayer, I have asked God for many things. 
A less stressful job for Neil. 
Time to see the world. 
New relationships. 
Renewed relationships.
A community of faith. 
A time of rejuvenation.

Little did I know that all these prayers would be answered in one month.

God's timing is in everything! I love the human body cause I am in awe every time I study it. 
Every second, the body creates new cells, new blood, and new breath. Millions of interactions occur simultaneously to ensure life. 

Why then am I always surprised at the perfection of God's timing in my life?

With huge changes on the horizon, it is easy to get overwhelmed but WAITING FOR HIS ANSWERS, will allow me to REJOICE IN HIS GOODNESS.
The beginning of new jobs, start and end dates of travel plans, fellowship funding, the first and last paychecks, long term house guests, and random gifts are only some of the tangibles that are making these changes possible. 
There is nothing like the freedom of Trust in His timing.