Sunday, April 21, 2013

My new J-O-B.

Since all the most important and necessary people in my life know, I am glad to finally make public that I have accepted a new position as a full time lecturer at Baylor University! As you might know, I love Baylor, so this is like a dream come true.

 I will be teaching various health classes. The first semester is Stress Management and Death and Dying, both of which I am so excited to be teaching! I am looking forward to being on campus again. The department I will be in is the same one that I spent doing by Masters Degree in. I now get to work with the same professors that mentored me as a student.

The interview was long (2 full days) and interesting but it gives me confidence that the University is grounded in its mission and provides full support to its faculty. I start in August but will stop my current job in the middle of June (more on that later). 


  1. It is just so exciting to see how God is working in your life, Margo. This is a perfect job for you. What an asset you will be to Baylor.

  2. congratulations! You will be a GREAT teacher!!

  3. Congratulations Margo. We knew you were in the interviewing process and it's exciting to hear that you got the job. God is good isn't he!!! Watch out Baylor!!!
    Terry Gaskill