Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happiness Commandments.

A few months ago I mentioned "studying" happiness. One of the books I read, The Happiness Project, caught my full attention. In it the author researches happiness and tries to manipulate small parts of her life/personality to become happier. In the process she develops her personal Commandments of Happiness. I thought I would try. These are small things I can focus on to make day-to-day life a happier place.

1. Be intentional.
       If everything we do has purpose behind it, everything is worth doing - A workout routine, kisses,  conversations, etc.

2. Anything that can be done in 60 seconds or less needs to be done. Now.
 I have realized that much of my procrastination involves things that are tedious but take no time at all. Plus, I think we forget how long a minute actually is.

3. Make the bed every morning.
Nothing beats coming home to a peaceful resting place.
Clutter stresses me out so if the bed is made, I tend to be less stresed out.  

4. Pray with my husband daily.
Lots you can say about this one but it helps to have a teammate in life :)

5. Act the way I want to feel.
This came from the book but I think about it ALL the time. And it works.
If you want to be happy, smile, fake being happy and eventually you are.
Also, if you want to feel sad (which sometimes I do), mope, cry, etc.

6. Learn to say NO.
I am a people pleaser and if someone asks me to work late, I do.
Make avacado dip for the 4th time this month for another potluck, I do.
Sit on a committee for something I am not passionate about, I do.
Everyone has limits, though. 

7. Look good, feel good. Feel good, do good.
I don't intend to be vain or dwell on looks but I do think that there is happiness associated with a fair level of confidence. 

These are just the few I thought I would share.

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  1. What great thoughts . It started my day out right!