Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Date Night.

Every week we try to go on a date, usually Friday. I realize that this is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. I also realize it becomes more difficult as a family grows so I am not taking it for granted.
Sometimes we get caught in a rut.

 "Where do you want to go?"  
"Are there any movies you want to see?" 

In an attempt to spice up our date nights, I created a DIY date for the two of us.

 This was the scene of our date:
At the kitchen table with music playing in the background.

I put out all the supplies we would need and explained the one "rule" - paint me. 
We sat across from the table and painted each other's portrait. 
Yes, we realized quickly that it is harder than it sounds!
We quickly made a promise to each other that we would not laugh at the others.

But, I couldn't help laugh at my own.

Our masterpieces....

See the similarities?  :)

I thought it was fun and it was easy on the wallet, too!
I think they are adorable and made for very unique quality time :)
Any ideas for future DIY dates???

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