Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Painting Tile.

Our fireplace has been bugging me since day one. I love having it, but it is a boring and the colors just dont match with the rest of the house. The surround is the same as the entire floor! Just has I made up my mind to reface the surround with plywood, Pinterest came along to save the day. 

I found a picture of painted tile! Why had I not thought of that? I have painted almost everything else!
So I took the plunge. I started by taping and priming. I used Exterior white paint that we had left over from our porch and used a foam roller brush.



 It looks great and since this is a VERY low traffic area, I'm thinking it will hold up fine. This is the same paint I used for the kitchen cabinets as well, and those still look great.

You can see the trim we added around the insert for a more polished look. Also, some of the old grout color was showing so we used liquid nails to put it up.

For a $15 project, I think it made a big difference. It feels so much brighter and bigger and it matches much better. We have plans to do the floors soon anyways so I'm sure it would have needed a change anyways.


  1. Great improvement, Margo. Does Neil sometimes wonder if he is in the right house when he walks in the front door?

  2. Did you paint the walls yellower or is that the lighting difference from painting the tile? It looks much brighter!

    1. Marnieve, you're right, the difference comes from the painted tiles! It no longer feels like a black hole!