Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baylor Baseball Overload.

It is not secret that we are Baylor fans but as my sister said, "I think you are taking this Baylor fan thing too far".
If traveling with the basketball team to Kansas and New Mexico wasn't enough, we spent about 15 hours in 5 days at the Baylor Ballpark! We watched 5 games in four days!!

They have had a great season and Waco hosted the NCAA regional. The tickets were $25 each and they got us into ALL the games (so i guess it could be worse, we could have watched the non-Baylor games). The best of four teams would move on to SuperRegionals here in Waco this coming weekend (which we won't be here for). It was double elimination and we had a scare when they lost their first game. We had only lost 3 home games all season! That is why we watched so many...they kept winning!

 15 hours, 4 snow cones, 2 lemon chills, and 5 games later, I can say I am a true Baylor fan
- and an accommodating wife ;) -

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