Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Spring has officially sprung at the Shanks'.
The Bradford pear trees we planted in October of 2010 are in full bloom.
This is the close up of the flower.

This is a closeup of the flower.
This is our little tree. Neil says its growing but I am not sure so I took a pic with it so I can compare next year.

These are the best flowers. We do nothing to them and they bloom every year!
I love when all our grass is this beautiful green.

Although we have had a mild winter and it has been in the 70s since February, we are enjoying this weather. We have been eating our dinners outside on our porch, we catch up in our rocking chairs, and we have been playing in the grass with our puppies.

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  1. You add some beauty standing by the tree, Margo. Your flowers are called iris. My dad had a huge bed of many colors next to his garage. Sounds like you are enjoying your spring. So are we.