Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Mexico. The Pit.

The tournament games were at THE PIT. 
We were impressed with the stadium, the weather, and the outdoorsy-ness of the city.

It feels like a pit in there with the floor deep in the center.
They also keep the lights on only near the court so it feels like a cave. And it was LOUD!

Both games were nervously exciting. We also got to see two other games that were close ones.
It was nice to see lots of traveling Baylor fans wearing neon shirts like our new jerseys. Some like the new jerseys and some hate them. I think that they play with more pazazz and confidence so if they like them, I like them.
 Most of the seating was good. The first game we sat midrange but the second game, we were 9 row from the floor! We lucked out with these. We bought them from a guy on the street and boy was I nervous. I thought I would get in there and row 33 would not exist! LOL. But I was pleasantly surprised.

 In case you missed the last game, Brady Heslip made 9 3-pointers!

We had so much fun!
Stay tuned for other things to do in Albuquerque.

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  1. I love everything you have shared. Love the pictures.