Friday, February 10, 2012

Out with Old.

It's finally time to say good-bye.
I have these pair of running shoes that I love. Literally. I have had them since I was in high school.
They are so comfortable and held up for so long.
Many shoes have come and gone in the last few years but none compare to these.

I realized that they made it through college, belize, and some country life so it is no surprise that they are very worn. The soles are almost nonexistent and there are literally holes in them - 4 holes!

I got new shoes last year for my birthday but they did not get the job done and I was so happy that I didn't get rid of my old ones but this year...its done...almost.

While birthday shopping I found some new ones and I'm obviously excited about them enough to blog about it :)

And they seem to be working so far! Honestly, I tried to stay away from pink but they were so comfortable and not in any other color. I have NEVER worn PUMAS for fitness but I'm glad I tried.
As far as comfort goes, I like cushion under my feet so these beat out 12 other pairs I tried on!

Maybe I will finally throw the old ones out...maybe...

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  1. Shoes are one place I don't cut back on quality or money because as much as you use them it pays to get GOOD ones !!!