Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love Letter Reveal!

So a few weeks ago a vote occured. 
You voted for the LOVE LETTER art work for our bedroom. 
Well, it has finished. 

The process was not difficult but a little time consuming. 
First, I went to the post office and bought a cute stamp. 
Then, I put it on a blank envelope and sent it to Grandma in Iowa. 
Grandma then wrote out our address, put the envelope in another envelope and mailed it back. 
We chose Grandma because she sends snail mail to us often, she has beautiful handwriting, and we wanted to have a little piece of her in our home. She got the envelope stamped in the post office in Neil's hometown (Marshalltown).

I received theenvelope inside an envelope a few days later. 

Then, I took it to WalMart to get it blown up to 24X36. This cost $20 but it is pretty cool!

Prior to printing it, I made sure there was a canvas large enough to put it on. 
I bought this one at michael's with a 50% coupon :)

To apply the print on to the canvas, I used Mod Podge. This took two people. We quickly covered the canvas with a layer. As we finished one section we layed out the print on top. We used a credit card to smooth it all out and let it sit for a bit. Then we covered the top with Mod Podge to get a matte finish.
And voila! A canvas print!

It is now up in our room and I love it! 

Definitely unique and personal!
I later thought that this would be sooo cool with a sports ticket or special movie ticket!!

Thanks for all your help Grandma!


  1. Checking to see if I can post. This turned out great!

  2. Just want you to know that I will be stealing ideas from you for when I start to decorate my own apartment...that is all.

    -Janel (I don't know how to log in).

  3. Love it! What a great idea! (Not to mention that I live about45 minutes from Marshalltown.) :)

  4. This is so awesome! Love it! Loving your blog too...newest follower here :). Would be so grateful if you stopped by ours too!