Friday, November 11, 2011

The Little Man

Oh my! I could go on about this little man forever!
He is my cousin's baby so I don't know what the legit name for that relationship is but he is sooo adorable.
He was so content trowing rocks in our driveway! He is almost 2 and his vocabulary grew while he was at our house. He learned Lewie, Rexx (sounds more like Resss), and of course, Margo ... no Neil yet.

While playing with his remote control car, I snapped a few pictures.

He loves and misses his Tia who lives with us now.

I have to tell this story:
He found a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and started to play with it.
We would say "give him a hug" and things like that.
He would hold it close to him and give him nose kisses.
He said, " I like him" and his mom said, "do you love him?" He said, plain and simple, " I don't."
And of course we all burst out laughing!

He spent time admiring Lewie as he fetched in the house. He stared at him while in his cage. But his smiles turned to fear as soon as lewie got near him.

He knows how to use an iphone to play games and to play music...its kinda creepy..
 But isn't he adorable!!
We loved having him in the house. Come back soon!

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