Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sic 'em Bears

If you don't already know...we heart Baylor.
Yesterday was a day for the books! We opened our season against TCU(ranked 14th).
As usual, we were not expected to win. But WE DID!

We had great, shaded seats :)
Our QB, RGIII is expected to do great things this year and he started off the season with a bang.
2 Trick plays, 3 perfect long passes, and a big win.
We were ahead by 24 but they came back and it went down to the wire. We ended with an interception to win the game. Boy, those fans TCU fans were Not happy!
But it was a good game.

So good and unexpected that the fans stormed the field.
Looking forward to more exciting's that time of year again!!!

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