Sunday, September 25, 2011

rock the vote #2

If you missed Rock the Vote #1, it was a good time.

Round 2 is here and today we are voting on our "master" bedroom.
First, let me say "Excuse the bed making in these photos." It happened to be after our puppy sleeps on it all day :) But, it does give an example of the color scheme.

We are looking for fun, appropriate bedroom art to spice up the place. So here are the contenders.

1) Love Letter: This would be a blown up copy of a personalized envelope. I have had this picture saved on my desktop for 2 years!

2) Chalk Talk: The idea would be to create a chalkboard (hopefully oval) from an old mirror or frame. This would allow a change every season, holiday, etc. It sounds so fun!

3) Puppy Love: We have two puppies that we love. This is another DIY project with large canvases.

Now it is time to vote for your favorite! I do believe you can vote more than once. Invite your friends, too. Voting ends Thursday!

Come back Friday to see what won!

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