Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homecoming #1

The high school had their homecoming game this weekend. The week is filled with events from a parade, to powder puff, to the game. Down here in Texas we have a tradition of giving out mums and garters for homecoming. I have no idea why! I do remember the excitement of getting one and I do still have all of them. But when people ask to explain, I barely have an answer.

For those of you in the other 49 states, a mum is like a big, gaudy corsage that you wear on your shirt for the game - not the dance! It's usually made with a few mum flowers surrounded by ribbon (like a prize ribbon around the edges) and it has lots and lots of ribbons hanging down. The fatter ribbons will have stickers that say the girl's name, the school, the year, "homecoming," etc. Usually "Love, Mom" or whoever made it or gave it. There are skinny ribbons with bells and megaphones and other doo-dads hanging off. Some mums are mammoth. Others are small and subduded. There is no explaining it, so here is an example.

Well, boys are not left out either. They receive a garter. You usually receive one from your date but can be given by friends or usually mothers. Well, I decided to give one to my date.

Neils first garter.....

He is so embarrassed. Oh well, go Lions!


  1. I have seen the mums at the Iowa State Homecoming games, but not with this many ribbons. Now the garter, that is a new one for me. Glad you gave one to your date , Margo, so we can see what they look like. When I called Neil tonight , I hadn't looked at the web site yet, or I would have commented on the flowers. Gr. B.

  2. hahahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!! I actually heard a “folklore tale" about the mystery of the mum. To make a long story short, supposedly it started out as girlfriends and moms wearing a button with a football player's picture or jersey number in support of the homecoming game...each year these buttons became more "elaborate" and eventually into the modern day mum...weird huh?
    Well anyway, loving the updates and your new recreational games! I will be seeing you soon sista girrrl!
    love ya!

    P.S. I emailed you to your baylor email...don't know if you still have that one