Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning from Neil

Marriage is a learning process but thats kinda the fun in it. Getting married, moving in together, moving, and getting new jobs is a lot of change in a year. But, in the one year, 3 months and 2 days that I have been married. I have learned a lot.

I have learned:
- to enjoy a LOST marathon
- some history
- to appreciate a good Jeopardy show
- how to conserve energy
- how to love and show your love for books.

I have been inspired by:
- his passion for social justice
- his never ending patience
- the fact that I have NEVER heard him talk bad about anyone!
- the power of prayer in a marriage.
- his unbelievable support of me in every way

and those are just the first five I could think of! I love when people ask "How is married life?" because I truly love it and I hope that it shows.

Man, I can't wait for more.


  1. You two were meant for each other !! What else can I say, except I believe it was all arranged by God. Love you both, Grandma B.

  2. Wow, what a he catch he is! But then it took quite a person to catch his attention, too! This world needs good examples of a Christian marriage. Thanks for being one! Love you guys. Can I say how much we miss you?? We do!!