Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrate Dad

Its been awhile. Life has been so busy so I'll work backwards.

Lets go back to August 28th - Dad M's Birthday.
We celebrated in a way we had never celebrated before. We went to the river. Just us. That has NEVER happened before. Usually there are 20 or so people but it was nice to be in the company of just each other. We BBQed hotdogs and hamburgers, spent time in the water, and just talked. It was a great way to spend the day.

Since we are celebrating Dad in honor of his 52nd Birthday, here are 52 things my daddy taught me. -in no particular order-

1. to respect myself
2. how to throw a spiral
3. how to do a spin move (in 1st grade)
4. How to throw a behind-the-back pass
5. all things basketball
6. to appreciate Pistol Pete
7. to always pick the kids that get picked last, first
8. how to sip spaghetti
9. to forgive 70X7
10. how to build a closet
11. how to start a BBQ pit
12. to be confident
13. to want to support myself as an adult
14. how to dance to Tejano music
15. to appreciate my sister
16. The importance of family
17. to remember where I came from
18. how to drive standard
19. how to paint my bedroom walls
20. to lay tile
21. to respect elders
22. how to properly position the two pieces of bread on a a sandwich
23. to put ice in my milk
24. that Big Red and Barbacoa are perfect together - even for breakfast
25. how to jump start my car
26. How to jump start my car without jumper cables
27. how to check my oil
28. that chips in a sandwich are good for texture
29. how to change out a light fixture
30. how to camp
31. how to pitch a tent
32. how to roast marshmallows - i like to roast them but not eat them so i would do it for him
33. that the best restaurants are the "hole in the walls"
34. to try new things
35. my love for sports
36. all things basketball
37. that a hot tub or hot bath helps soreness
38. how to wrap an ankle
39. that I don't need to wear a lot of makeup
40. that going to college was not an option
41. that setting goals increases success
42. to wear a t-shirt over my bathing suit
43. how to go tubing
44. that girls can wear caps too
45. how to dunk an Oreo properly
46. to eat all my food
47. that you can modify anything
48. how to pop firecrackers at the ranch
49. not to settle
50. that we always came before his work
51. its okay to cry
52. how to show my kids that i love them

Of course, there are probably like 100 that i didn't mention but its never ending! Thanks for being a good daddy!

I love you - Happy belated blog birthday!


  1. I hope your Dad can read your comments. It should bring back a lot of memories for him. He sure taught you a lot of neat things. That is why you are so special, Margo. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa B.

  2. Margo, you brought me so many memories and i agree with you it was very nice to spend time with just us-it's so natural to have family members around in all that we do-but that b-day was tops with only us-thanks so much. And don't forget the t-shirt, i miss those oreos, love Daddy.

  3. Margo,
    That's the best gift your dad could have given Neil. I knew you were going to be a wonderful wife when I realized you had a loving, close relationship with your dad (and mom!)growing up.
    That's the best preparation for a strong marriage. Love you! Mom and Dad S.
    P.S. Thanks, John!