Thursday, February 18, 2010

waco winter

yes, we have a winter....sometimes.

When most people think of winter, they think snow. I think 40 degrees! Sometimes we forget that there are parts of the country (i.e. Iowa) that have been shoveling snow for months but we always hope that it will snow here. Most kids that live in Texas have NEVER seen snow. I was one of them! Now that I am married, I get to see snow at least once a year, hopefully. I love the snow. Its still new to me. I can play for a couple of days and leave it in Iowa. Perfect. No shoveling. No driving.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised this week to get some snow...while the sun is up...that stuck!
It is a rarity but look how beautiful!

view from our front door

Its not IOWA snow but it was wonderful for WACO! Obviously everyone in town was excited, including me. It warranted a phone call to my parents, an email to my friend in Kansas, and pictures!

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