Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our First Christmas Eve.

We have two AMAZING families!
We alternated holidays before we had Reyna and since then, we have made an extra effort to see both (San Antonio and Iowa) at Christmas. We are blessed with university scheduled jobs so we have lots of time to travel. And we still hope to do that BUT we felt rushed and drained and lost at Christmas. Between packing and wrapping and opening and unloading and driving and packing again (you get the pictures) we felt like the meaning of Christmas was getting lost. So we decided to slow down.
This was hard. for me. My family has a HUGE party on Christmas Eve and I LOVED it growing up. I still love it but the biggest difference is that we live 3 hours away so ... anyways...we skipped the party this year with grandiose expectations of what Christmas Eve would be like.
We'll go to Christmas Eve service!
We'll bake cookies for Santa!
We'll watch a Christmas movie!
We'll read the Christmas Story!
We'll wake up and open presents from Santa!
Well....we did it! All of it!
We had a candlelight service at UBC.
Then headed home to make cookies.
I didn't get a picture of the finished product but they were snake cookies with blue icing and sprinkles.

Then we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol. This was also her favorite Christmas book this year.

We read the Christmas story at bedtime and woke up with santa on the mind.
Reyna was greeted with gifts from Santa and a stocking filled with goodies.

We spent the morning opening gifts slowly and playing with all our new toys/books/tent.
We also had ice cream smoothies (it was 70 degrees out)
Some of her Santa gifts included:
A skateboard
a tent
a bear pillow
a doll
we exchanged gifts and Reyna me a set of light up swords.
She got her Papa, a set of light sabers.
hmmm. I don't know how that happened...
but she sure is cute.
We loved our little Christmas. It was calm and meaningful and just what we needed in our new home.
We woke up bright and early to head to Iowa the next morning.

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