Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Staying Busy.

Keeping a toddler busy is no joke!
With a 5 minute attention span, it tough to keep her entertained. 

We have made MANY trips to the Mayborn Museum. Too many to count. But it seems that every time we go she finds something new (that was always there). This time she got into pretend play.

We try to exercise first thing in the morning. Sometimes that turns into a nature walk. With so many trees and flowers on campus, she can stay entertained for a good 10 minutes!
We signed her up for swim lessons at the Y. Its for toddlers to get comfortable in the water.  It was a two week program. This was the first day. Now, we can't get her out and she has too much confidence in the water!
 We go on bike rides. She loves sitting behind her Papa and points at ducks and birds, trees, and people as we go by. This is also done around 8:30 am. Maybe we will try an evening ride!
 When its too hot, we can always go shopping! She loved this little hat!

At home, she spends lots of time looking at books. Some time playing with toys. We have a water table and kiddie pool that she asks for sometimes. I am setting up a little play house outside but I think its still too hot to enjoy. There are a few homemade things/toys/activities I have tried. Ill post about those soon. Good luck to all you toddler moms out there. It's tough! 
Any good ideas?

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