Thursday, October 2, 2014

"How has life changed?"

My 10:00 class is over. I head down to my office and I find Neil and Reyna waiting for me outside my office. We discuss: "when did she last eat, "Has she napped", " You picked a cute outfit", "When will you be home?". A quick switcharoo so Daddy can go to school in Austin. With 3 hours till my next class, we go for a walk. Let's see if our friend Roberto is in his office! He is there! We decide to catch up over coffee. As we walk to the coffee shop on the other side of campus, I become aware of the extra half mile we have to take to find all the ramps for the stroller. I am aware of how warm and sunny it is as I move the canopy of the stroller everytime we make a turn. Also, strollers don't fit in Starbucks lines very well. We order and as I stand and wait for my name to be called, I notice it...I pick her up and find what I thought I would...the source of THAT smell. We squeeze the stroller through the narrowest, longest bathroom hallways I have EVER seen for a quick change that lasts about ten minutes since it includes a full wipe down in the sink! As I remove the "cute outfit" I hope that there is something to wear in there. Victory! A semi-clean, too small onsie. We emerge with a new outfit and are greeted by Roberto, seasoned father of two, who gives me a look of understanding. As we find a small table with room for a stroller, we start catching up on summer happenings. That first taste of my white hot chocolate is perfect. I guess Reyna is eager to try some to because in the blink of an eye, she has lunged over and knocked my cup to the ground. Splashing Roberto's pants and leaving a huge mess on the floor. We used about two trees worth of napkins to clean it up and pick up on conversation where we left off - kids, daycare, and teething. That first and last taste of white hot chocolate is a distant memory. One hour of my day.

I have been asked the question many times now, "How has life changed?"
This is how.

*not complaining, just a snapshot. Also, it was a distaster but I was able to laugh about it immediately. Thankful for understaning friends like Roberto :)

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