Monday, November 26, 2012

Road Trippin'

We alternate holidays in our home and I must say, it is bitter sweet. Its like having too much ice cream…its so good until the stomach ache and guilt set in :)
But, we always enjoy time with family! I am happy to announce that I have completed road trip #14 (but who’s counting?) We could argue all day about car or airplane preferences and my pros and cons list looks something like this:
Pros: being able to take the dogs, cheaper,
Cons: back aches, fast food only stops, fearing other drivers, police traps, flat tires,
Pros: Less work, maybe less time
Cons: I sometimes get sick, missing flights, fighting crowds, standing in lines, practically undressing at checkpoints, losing luggage (I lost all my luggage when I went down to Belize for mission work. 4 weeks with no clothes = unhappy camper (literally…I did a lot of camping). Long layovers,
Anyways, we drove and we made it. I know wonder what I did before 4G and pinterest….and Instagram!

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