Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home "Office".

Business is picking up in my little store. 
I guess people like mustaches more that I thought!
With all the orders coming in, I was having trouble keeping things in order. I took over neil's small desk, used a iron board for a table, and made a big mess of the room so I decided to make a better work space. 
The best part is that I did not purchase a SINGLE thing! yet...(i need a different chair).

I took two of our small bookcases and a long unused shelf from one of the closets, put them together and voila!
 I had to add a little life so I took some scrap fabric and wrapped it around a foam poster board I had lying around.
The silver lamp is from IKEA but I bought it years ago in college. See, it pays to hoard sometimes.
 I have been using it for about a week now and it makes all the difference!
Plus, I can give Neil back his space, which I decided to spruce up, too.
Its a work in progress but at least he can use the room too ;)

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